About Us

All Creatures Great And Small (ACGS) is a non-profit organization, that provides shelter for animals in distress. With the construction of the shelter completed in February 2013, the dogs have moved in, and are enjoying their new home. The shelter is located on a 2.5 acre plot alongside our organic farm, in Faridabad, Haryana, about 1.5 hours outside of Delhi, India.

ACGS is currently caring for more than 100 dogs, and the number increases daily. We plan to accept more dogs as well as other distressed animals in the future. At our facility we hope to soon have the capacity to administer all veterinary services and surgeries, with plenty of room for the animals to rest and recuperate.

At ACGS our endeavor is to synergies the existence of all beings with the environment to ensure a discrimination free harmony. Come join us on our journey to strengthen the connection between animals, humans and the environment. We strive to improve the wellbeing of all by creating a future that is based on the foundation of compassion.

Become Our Volunteer

ACGS is always looking for passionate excited animal lovers to volunteer at our shelter, short or long term. click here

Our Volunteer
  • Dinesh
  • Rishi
  • Naresh